The Artist Who Helps Scientists Imagine the Future of Evolution

In fifty years, as we flee regions made unlivable by climate change, we'll want to adapt quickly to new habitats. That's why we need the inventions of Maja Smrekar, an artist who works with scientists to create visions of the future — and glimpses of our evolutionary past. » 9/25/14 2:24pm 9/25/14 2:24pm

Bio-artist colors textiles with deadly bacteria and antibiotics

Would you cuddle up with a quilt stained with MRSA? Artist Anna Dumitriu challenges the relationship between humans and bacteria by staining textiles with superbugs. » 11/24/13 1:00pm 11/24/13 1:00pm

In the future, our food will come alive and interact with us

Food is so boring. It just sits there, waiting to be eaten. But what if it could writhe around and interact with us, prior to being devoured? This is the dream of bio-artist Minsu Kim, who envisions the day when our food comes alive. » 7/02/13 11:45am 7/02/13 11:45am

7 Bio-Artists Who Are Transforming the Fabric of Life Itself

Some of the most provocative artists today deal with biotechnology. Working with scientists and engineers, these artists transform living tissue and even their own bodies into works of art. Here are seven bio-artists whose contributions you should know. » 6/24/13 10:17am 6/24/13 10:17am

Artists use genetic engineering to turn author William S. Burrough's…

William S. Burroughs wrote a number of mindfuck novels in the twentieth century, most memorably Naked Lunch, later adapted into an equally mindfucky movie about bug-powder snorting aliens by David Cronenberg. The author has become a cult legend among the postmodern lit set, and now a team of artists has decided to… » 2/22/11 12:00pm 2/22/11 12:00pm

The Truth About That Regrown Severed Finger

Earlier today we talked about how the U.S. government is investing a ton of money into regrowing severed fingers with pig powder. This art project by California artist Tim Hawkinson, who is fascinated by the weirdness of human bodies, deals with the bizarreness of reconstructing severed fingers. Check out what… » 5/27/08 6:36pm 5/27/08 6:36pm

Curator Forced to Kill Out-of-Control Bio-Art Exhibit

Click to view The problem with bio-art is that it's often made of living tissue — and sometimes living tissue gets out of control. That's what happened late last week at a New York MoMA exhibit called "Design and the Elastic Mind," where a tiny living jacket made out of stem cells had to be put to death for growing… » 5/05/08 11:40am 5/05/08 11:40am

Bio-Artist Will Not Go to Jail

Using bacteria and harmless biological materials to whip up bio-art projects in your living room is not against the law, a U.S. district court determined yesterday. The decision marked the end of a four-year ordeal for artist Steve Kurtz, who was arrested in 2004 when his wife died and police arrived to discover… » 4/22/08 8:20am 4/22/08 8:20am

Bio-Art Is Not A Crime, Movie Director Tells io9

Art professor Steve Kurtz's wife, Hope, died in her sleep in May 2004. When Kurtz called 911, however, the police saw petri dishes and a mobile DNA-extraction machine and called in the feds. Kurtz tried to explain that the high-school-level lab equipment was part of an art project he and Hope had been doing about… » 4/02/08 6:30am 4/02/08 6:30am

Biological Art Mixes Plant Clones, Human Flesh, and Beautiful Bacteria

It was the first time I ever went to an art show where the art had gotten unruly and climbed outside its frame. A Sunshine-looking installation by Philip Ross of plants growing inside glass tubes of water (above) had turned into a jungle of plants breaking out of their transparent prisons and in some cases actually… » 1/16/08 9:40am 1/16/08 9:40am