Meanwhile in the Future: Extreme Body Modification

We all want to be our best selves. But what if you could add almost anything to your body and mind? A camera here, an exoskeleton there. This is the world that some biohackers imagine—one in which humans can extend their abilities beyond the limits biology has set for us. But what does that world look like? »7/07/15 3:32pm7/07/15 3:32pm

What does the future have in store for radical body modification?

We've been modifying our appearance ever since we first figured out how to pierce skin with wood and bones. Today, our tendency to twist, morph, and expand upon our naturally given forms is very much alive and well, one that's been best expressed by the radical body modification community. And now, owing to the onset… »9/20/12 12:00pm9/20/12 12:00pm

American Cyborg documentary ventures into the pioneering world of basement body hackers

Ben Popper has put together an intriguing short documentary for The Verge in which he visits the bizarre and mysterious world of "basement body hackers." Called Cyborg America, the short film explores the mindset and work of pioneering DIY transhumanist body modders, in addition to offering background insights into… »8/09/12 11:30am8/09/12 11:30am

In the biohacker nation of Vodkovia, each athlete is enhanced for optimal Olympic performance

In the future nation of Vodkovia, each athlete's body is reshaped to enhance their natural talents: wider eyes for archers, additional arms for wrestlers, and extra joints to give gymnasts a literal leg up. The other countries may not like it, but Team Vodkovia is taking the Olympics by storm. »3/17/12 5:30pm3/17/12 5:30pm