Why Do the Worst Movies Have the Coolest Depictions of Post-Singularity Tech?

While I was a huge fan of the anime AEon Flux, I'm willing to admit that the Charlize Theron movie based on the series flopped for good reason. The plot felt cliched, the dialogue was bad, and Theron never convinced me she was a badass. I mean, she never even grits her teeth ferchrissake. But the concept design in … »6/09/08 8:33pm6/09/08 8:33pm

Biological Art Mixes Plant Clones, Human Flesh, and Beautiful Bacteria

It was the first time I ever went to an art show where the art had gotten unruly and climbed outside its frame. A Sunshine-looking installation by Philip Ross of plants growing inside glass tubes of water (above) had turned into a jungle of plants breaking out of their transparent prisons and in some cases actually… »1/16/08 12:40pm1/16/08 12:40pm