Citizen science project identifies species by their calls

A new automated system is helping to monitor the world's biodiversity by recording the sounds of nature and uploading them to the web in real time. Anyone can listen to the tracks, and approved users can help train the software to automatically identify species in the recordings. Researchers hope to eventually… » 7/17/13 12:40pm 7/17/13 12:40pm

A Marvelous Introduction to the Largest Plant Collection on Earth

For over a decade, the Millenium Seed Bank Partnership has been working in collaboration with scientists from around the world to establish an insurance policy against the extinction of Earth's plant species. By 2020, the project hopes to have safely stored 25% of the world's plant diversity in massive, » 3/28/12 2:53pm 3/28/12 2:53pm

Africa's Western black rhino has been declared extinct

In 2006, researchers undertook an extensive search for Western black rhinos in Cameroon, the place where the species was last sighted. No rhinos were found. Researchers failed to turn up any evidence of their dung, tracks, or signs of feeding. Had the rare subspecies of black rhinoceros gone the way of the dodo? Sadly, … » 11/11/11 7:40am 11/11/11 7:40am

Get ready for ecosystem collapse in the years ahead

The number of species (and entire genera) that are recognized as endangered is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Conservation scientists report in a new survey that they expect the Earth will suffer major hits to biodiversity levels in the years ahead. » 11/09/11 11:39am 11/09/11 11:39am