Indestructible Water Bears Have a Genome That Is Seriously Weird

Water bears, known to scientists as tardigrades, are famously adorable microscopic creatures who can survive anything: freezing, total dehydration, radiation bombardment, and even the vacuum of deep space. Now scientists have sequenced a tardigrade genome, and are very surprised by the results. »Tuesday 11:32pm11/24/15 11:32pm

Why You Should Resist the Overwhelming Urge to Torment Your Cat With a Cucumber

So you’ve probably seen that viral video showing cats having the bejeezus scared out of them by a particularly snake-like vegetable: the lowly cucumber. Hilarious, right? Sure—if you’re a human. As a veterinary technician points out, this trending activity could cause lasting psychological problems for your feline… »11/20/15 3:30pm11/20/15 3:30pm

These Frozen Lion Cubs Were Just a Few Weeks Old When They Died 12,000 Years Ago

Russian scientists have displayed the remains of two ancient cave lion cubs found preserved in permafrost. Dubbed Uyan and Dina, the unfortunate pair died just a few weeks after birth. Scientists say they’re the most complete remains of this extinct species ever found—whiskers and all. »11/17/15 11:30am11/17/15 11:30am

A Harrowing Account of What It’s Like to Die From a Snakebite

In 1957, American herpetologist Karl P. Schmidt was bitten by a poisonous boomslang snake. With no anti-venom available—and mistakenly believing he hadn’t received a fatal dose—he proceeded to do what any diligent scientist would do: he kept a detailed diary chronicling the last agonizing hours of his life. »11/02/15 4:14pm11/02/15 4:14pm