Researchers grow cyborg tissue that can sense its environment

Scientists at Harvard University have developed a cyborg-like tissue that can facilitate cell growth, while simultaneously measuring the ongoing activity and status of those cells. They did so by embedding a three-dimensional network of functional, biocompatible, nanoscale wires into engineered human tissues. The… »8/27/12 7:36pm8/27/12 7:36pm

Silkworms engineered to produce spider silk could lead to better body armor

Spider silk is one of those wonderful materials whose incredibly tensile properties are the stuff of myth. That's why it's been the target of years of transgenic research. As far back as 2000, researchers were genetically engineering other animals to produce it — like the infamous spider-goat. However, many of their… »1/06/12 11:28am1/06/12 11:28am