Fans Demand Post-Nuclear Earth Be Pretty

Who said that post-nuclear dystopias have to be dull and colorless? Previewing their upcoming Bionic Commando videogame here at Wondercon, Capcom representatives talked about the fact that the game will be much brighter than early previews had made it look. » 2/23/08 2:23pm 2/23/08 2:23pm

Robo Supply Units Can Harm Or Heal

When an intrepid visitor smuggled some shots of the concept artwork for Bionic Commando out of the bowels of one of Capcom's development pods, little did he know he'd be providing a glimpse of the future of civil service. One of the coolest pieces he smuggled out is this sketch showing two different sets of… » 1/31/08 10:20am 1/31/08 10:20am

Bionic Arm Meets Desolate City

Capcom is releasing a new Bionic Commando game this year, which marries its main character with a bionic arm. However, this isn't your dad's bionic arm, or even a modern-day Jaime Sommers' nanobionic arm. This arm is a lot more rugged and testosterone-charged than her svelte limb. Check out what it can do down below,… » 1/03/08 4:00pm 1/03/08 4:00pm