How Close Are We to Building a Full-Fledged Cyborg?

The dream of the cyborg is coming true at an exhilarating rate. As humans gets better and better at making machines, we keep attaching those machines to our bodies to make ourselves better humans. It seems at times that the only question left is if we can put a human brain in a robotic frame. Actually, it's not a… » 10/22/13 5:53pm 10/22/13 5:53pm

I Wore a Bionic Leg, And I Never Wanted To Take It Off Again

Say you've just had ACL surgery. Or you're recovering from a bad break. Or, worse, you suffer a stroke, or MS, or spinal or neurological damage. Regaining the power to walk is one of the toughest things you can do, and it may be impossible without a crutch, rail, or physical therapist to lean on. The AlterG Bionic… » 7/10/13 5:37pm 7/10/13 5:37pm

We're closer to becoming real cyborgs than most people realize

In the New York Times the other day, there was a great story by Pagan Kennedy about experiments with brain-computer interfaces, which included the stuff you usually hear about, like people moving cursors with their minds. But it also included some new stuff, like Kennedy herself choosing a picture on her phone using… » 9/19/11 5:30pm 9/19/11 5:30pm

Voluntary amputees opt for bionic hands over real ones

After being electrocuted at work, a young Austrian man named Patrick found that he could no longer move one of his hands. He lived with the injury for a few years, but then decided he'd rather amputate the hand and replace it with something bionic - a synthetic hand controlled by nerve signals from his brain. The new… » 5/19/11 9:30am 5/19/11 9:30am

Portraits In Posthumanity: Claudia Mitchell

In 2004, Claudia Mitchell lost her left arm in a motorcycle accident. Two years later, she became the first woman to have a bionic arm - a prosthetic limb that she controls with her mind. » 5/05/10 5:38pm 5/05/10 5:38pm

Cutest Bionic Puppy Ever

In the future, we will not say "OMG Ponies1!!" We will say "OMG Bionic Puppiez1!!" And here is the first bionic puppy to ever ascend to the top of the cuteocracy. Hope the puppy was born without front legs, so her human companion, an orthotist, built her these wheeled legs out of model airplane wings and wheels. The… » 6/30/08 5:24pm 6/30/08 5:24pm

Where Are My Cybernetic Implants?

A reader who would like to remain anonymous asks: » 5/22/08 9:00am 5/22/08 9:00am

First of all, Anonymous, my best wishes. I hope that the next advance coming 'round the bend is a comfort to you. There are two fundamental approaches to organ-level repair: the biological approach, which includes transplants and , or what we'll call the cybernetic…

New Bionic Arm May Be Too Powerful

Apparently the new i-limb system from Touch Bionics may need to be "scaled back" to be used by humans. The system is a robotic hand-arm combination for people missing all or part of their arms. One of its inventors admitted, "The i-Limb system is better than a human arm. It is faster and can lift heavier weights than… » 1/07/08 12:36pm 1/07/08 12:36pm

Ladies and Gentlemen! In This Corner, A Real Bionic Arm ...

Alas, no new episode of The Bionic Woman tonight. Instead, let's ponder who would win a bionic arm wrestling match between Jaime Sommers and Airic's Arm. The challenger is a robotic limb created by German company Festo, which incorporates 30 "fluidic muscles" operated by compressed air and supported by a… » 10/31/07 9:21pm 10/31/07 9:21pm

Licensing Problems Wreck Bionic Woman's Cyber-Limbs

Why are there no cool cybernetic limbs (like on the left) in the new Bionic Woman TV show? Many of us speculated that the creators thought nanobots were cooler, and regular old cyborgs were too old-school. But it turns out the answer has more to do with legalities, according to creator David Eick:
» 10/30/07 6:21pm 10/30/07 6:21pm

The 50 Million Dollar Dame. Episode 2.

This week's show opens at a funeral; apparently Will didn't survive the shooting. Which immediately leads me to wonder: if the Berkut Group (a private, clandestine group dedicated to stopping rogue organizations from ending civilization as we know it) has all this Bionic technology, why didn't they apply it to Will?… » 10/04/07 5:31pm 10/04/07 5:31pm