The history of Bioshock Infinite, in convenient 1960s school filmstrip form

We know our sister site Kotaku does the video game coverage, but Bioshock Infinite — with its floating city, early 1910s setting, and blimp-punk aesthetic — just appeals to us for some reason. As does this newest trailer, which takes a look at the history of the city of Columbia as if it was one of those insanely… »1/28/13 11:50am1/28/13 11:50am

Seriously, why hasn't a video game been nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards?

Of all the landmarks in science fiction history that we predicted would happen in your lifetime, there's one that I really can't believe hasn't happened yet. Why hasn't a video game been nominated for a Hugo or Nebula Award? With games like Dead Space, Bioshock, Mass Effect and Portal featuring complex world-building… »1/11/13 2:25pm1/11/13 2:25pm

This 838-pound diving suit is the world's greatest BioShock cosplay

Even if you possess only a passing familiarity with the acclaimed alternate history video game BioShock, chances are you recognize the "Bouncer" variety of the Big Daddies, or cybernetic organisms that live in portholed armor. But did you know that a real-life diving suit from 1882 was an aesthetic antecedent to the… »6/27/12 6:40pm6/27/12 6:40pm

Where's our freaking BioShock movie? Director Gore Verbinski explains why it's not happening

Don't count on seeing a horrific Little Sister on the big screen any time soon. Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean) was supposed to be directing the big-screen BioShock film, but he tells Coming Soon that it's dead in the water. The big issue: the R-rating, coupled with a big budget: »2/14/11 5:02pm2/14/11 5:02pm