Bioshock Infinite: The Movie is already here for your viewing pleasure

Between the floating city of Columbia, the steampunk aesthetic and the evil robot George Washington Terminator, I imagine there's a lot of io9 readers interested in the new video game Bioshock Infinite. But playing video games is Kotaku's things, not ours. What to do? Well, how about we just watch the game's footage… »4/01/13 10:00am4/01/13 10:00am

The history of Bioshock Infinite, in convenient 1960s school filmstrip form

We know our sister site Kotaku does the video game coverage, but Bioshock Infinite — with its floating city, early 1910s setting, and blimp-punk aesthetic — just appeals to us for some reason. As does this newest trailer, which takes a look at the history of the city of Columbia as if it was one of those insanely… »1/28/13 11:50am1/28/13 11:50am