The U.S. is stockpiling smallpox drugs in case of a biological attack

While smallpox has been eradicated in the wild, samples of the deadly virus still exist in the United States and Russia. Some biodefense experts fear that the continued existence of smallpox leaves the world open to a bioterrorist smallpox attack. To contain a possible smallpox outbreak, the U.S. government has… »3/14/13 5:25pm3/14/13 5:25pm


New bioterror vaccine protects against anthrax and smallpox

A combined smallpox and anthrax vaccine has been developed which is faster and more efficient than either individual version, and could prove to be invaluable during a bioterrorism attack. The researchers took the protective part of an anthrax vaccine, and inserted it into an existing smallpox vaccine along with an… »10/08/10 2:33pm10/08/10 2:33pm