Scientists No Longer Banned from Researching Deadly Mutant Bird Flu

It was around this time last year when two teams of scientists from the U.S. and the Netherlands submitted papers for publication in Science and Nature describing how the H5N1 virus could be converted into a human-contagious form. All that was required were a pair of crafty genetic manipulations — and voila — instant… »1/24/13 2:20pm1/24/13 2:20pm

A deadly new strain of bird flu has spread to seals. Could humans be next?

We already know that the deadly H5N1 avian flu is only one stabilizing mutation away from being able to spread to humans. But as society nervously anticipates a potential pandemic, we get disturbing news that a different variant of the flu, the equally ominous H3N8, has successfully made the leap from birds to seals. »7/31/12 3:40pm7/31/12 3:40pm

Why is the U.S. government trying to control the contents of scientific journals?

One of the most important duties of a peer-reviewed research journal is to not only feature discoveries at the frontiers of science, but to provide other researchers with the information necessary to build upon said discoveries in a meaningful way. Now, the development of two highly virulent strains of H5N1 — the… »12/21/11 2:03pm12/21/11 2:03pm

Bird Flu Baddies To Peck You To Death With Congested Beaks

The Sci Fi Channel brings us deadly contagious birds driven mad with a flu so nasty they want to kill. The sickly fowl set their beady eyes on a lost flock of teens stumbling through the woods. Now it's up to the kids to destroy these sniffles-afflicted birds before they reach the city and spread their germs, thus… »5/30/08 5:50pm5/30/08 5:50pm