Are we at the start of a new golden age of superhero TV shows?

Eight episodes in, Arrow is officially a mega-hit, at least by The CW's standards. And not only that, but Arrow is actually... pretty decent. The Christopher Nolan-inspired "gritty" superhero soap opera manages to be addictive fun, blending some solid action with the kind of relationship drama that makes Vampire… »12/07/12 12:00pm12/07/12 12:00pm

Batman RIP Takes Down Nightwing, Robin And Birds Of Prey

While we may have to wait two weeks for the delayed conclusion of comic storyline Batman RIP »11/05/08 6:30pm11/05/08 6:30pm, the aftershocks are already leaking out... like the fact that DC Comics are cancelling the long-running series for all of Batman's sidekicks. February 2009's issues of , and - all of which have run for over a decade - will…

The One Wet Reason Why No-One Needs To Be Afraid Of The Graysons

While we're somewhat... unexcited about the possibilities thrown up by newly-announced CW pilot The Graysons »10/04/08 3:00pm10/04/08 3:00pm, there's one thing about the "It's Robin - before he's Robin!" project that everyone seems to be overlooking. Namely, the fact that we're probably never going to see on television. Why? Because we've been here…