Watch people around the world being born and dying in real time

Brad Lyon made this amazing statistical simulation of all the births and deaths of the entire world, as they occur in real time. It's fascinating to see how many lives begin and end at any given second. It's also available as a Google Chrome app which allows you to focus on specific countries, too, if you're… »10/31/13 12:40pm10/31/13 12:40pm


Can humanity survive a population of over 10 billion people?

By the end of this year, the human population is expected to reach seven billion people, just twelve years after we hit the six billion milestone. But how much more crowded is our planet going to get? Will we keep on expanding indefinitely, or are we approaching the upper limit? The current consensus is that we'll… »2/20/11 4:20pm2/20/11 4:20pm