Bitten keeps interrupting its intense werewolf drama with boring humans

So about half of last night's Bitten was a pretty compelling episode. The plot against the Danvers magnified, someone challenged Jeremy's authority as Alpha, and there was murder and torture. And then half of the episode was spent in Toronto with Dull Boyfriend and his family in Toronto where nothing happens but agony. »2/18/14 11:22am2/18/14 11:22am

Bitten may feature the lamest werewolves in entertainment history

First of all, let me say Bitten episode 2 was much better than the premiere. It came packed with all the interesting info and questions that the first episode completely failed to mention, set up the stakes, and gave us a glimpse of what being a werewolf is like in this universe. As it turns out, it's a lot of… »1/21/14 11:40am1/21/14 11:40am