Chuck Wendig's Novel Blackbirds Is Heading To Starz

Are you excited about the news that Starz is developing Blackbirds as a TV series? No? Then go read our review of Wendig's marvelous book, about a tough hitchhiker named Miriam Black who can see exactly how and when you're going to die, and then come back and be excited with us. » 5/06/14 1:23pm 5/06/14 1:23pm

Dozens of dead and disoriented birds ‘fall like rain’ over Winnipeg

In what is being described as a scene straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie, hundreds of black birds, possibly grackles, began flocking in a “bizarre manner” atop trees, rooftops, and vehicles in Winnipeg’s north end. And then they just started to drop one by one “like raindrops.” Animal experts are baffled. » 8/12/13 8:40am 8/12/13 8:40am

In the aftermath of the War of the Gods, one man will stop at nothing…

Chuck Wendig wowed us with Mockingbird and Blackbirds, and now he's creating a brand new fantasy series, with the ultra twisted Gods and Monsters: Unclean Spirits. And we've got a brand new exclusive excerpt, right here. » 3/18/13 4:30pm 3/18/13 4:30pm

The Creepy, Sexy Drifter Who Knows When and How You'll Die

In Chuck Wendig's new novel Blackbirds, protagonist Miriam Black is a young woman with a superpower. Only, it's a terrible superpower – when she touches someone, she can see the exact date, time and method of their death, in a vivid and morbid vision. And there's nothing she can do about it. » 5/17/12 4:00pm 5/17/12 4:00pm

Blackbirds again rain down upon the same damn Arkansas town

Or should I say "damned" Arkansas town. Last year, Beebe, Arkansas experienced a massive blackbird die-off that captured a perplexed populace's attention. The deaths were later chalked up to confused birds colliding as fireworks went off. This year, blackbirds once again rained from the sky, showering the citizens of… » 1/01/12 8:40am 1/01/12 8:40am

Why are thousands of dead birds suddenly falling from the sky?

This week, 5,000 blackbirds fell from the skies over Arkansas, followed by 500 more in Louisiana. And now it's happening in Sweden too. You've got to wonder what the hell is going on. We'll explain. » 1/05/11 10:45am 1/05/11 10:45am