We'll Miss The Excellent Young-Adult Imprint, Strange Chemistry

Angry Robot Books, which is owned by Osprey Publishing Group, has just announced that their YA imprint, Strange Chemistry is closing. Here's why that's terrible news. » 6/21/14 8:20am 6/21/14 8:20am

Gwenda Bond's Blackwood is in development as an MTV series!

We really enjoyed Gwenda Bond's young adult novel Blackwood, which weaves together the mystery of the Roanoke disappearance with a lot of supernatural craziness for a fun story of growing up cursed. And now, on the heels of MTV's success with Teen Wolf, we could be seeing Miranda Blackwood on television every week.… » 11/16/12 5:14pm 11/16/12 5:14pm

What's more thrilling than a fantasy about the Chosen One? How about…

There have been a ton of young adult fantasy novels lately where one person stands against a dystopian world, or faces a terrible menace, and they're sort of the chosen savior. But Gwenda Bond's YA debut, Blackwood, takes a very different tack: Her heroine, Miranda Blackwood, is the cursed one, who bears the mark of… » 10/08/12 4:00pm 10/08/12 4:00pm