9 Movies That Made More Sense if You Followed the Viral Marketing

These days, movies have two marketing campaigns. There's regular marketing, with trailers, posters and interviews. And then there's viral marketing, aimed at fans on the internet — which often includes crucial info about a movie's backstory. Here are nine movies that make more sense if you followed their viral… »12/19/13 1:50pm12/19/13 1:50pm

A Horror Movie that Knows the Scariest Thing is Losing Your Mind

There have been a lot of horror movies that have probed the line between madness and the supernatural lately — but Lovely Molly, coming out in limited release on May 18, might be the most interesting of the bunch. It's a look at a blue-collar protagonist who moves back into a house that raises all sorts of issues —… »5/02/12 8:00pm5/02/12 8:00pm

Would you really watch a weekly show in the style of Paranormal Activity?

Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli and his collaborators are close to a deal with ABC to make a TV pilot in the same "spooky found footage" style. The River would focus on the search for a person who went missing on the Amazon. The Hollywood Reporter notes that ABC aggressively outbid NBC for the pilot, and the… »9/02/10 5:55pm9/02/10 5:55pm