Black Dynamite Is the Best Show on TV You're Not Watching


Black Dynamite is the best show on television. Since beginning its second season on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim back in October, Dynamite—an animated spin-off of the 2009 Michael Jai White blaxploitation send-up/homage movie— has depicted the following: Mister Rogers (you know, the army-trained killing… » 1/30/15 2:28pm 1/30/15 2:28pm

Discover Blackenstein's Secret Weakness!

Punches don't stop Blackenstein. Bullets don't stop Blackenstein. The world's crappiest Frankenstein rip-off, from what may be the world's worst blacksploitation film Blackenstein, is an unstoppable juggernaut of asthma and cranial deformity. Even the laws of good storytelling are no match for this undead exhumation… » 2/28/08 12:15pm 2/28/08 12:15pm