​12 Anime Outfits That Defy The Laws Of Physics

Giant eyes? Spiky hair? Dudes who fight each other while soaring through the air? Anime is used to ignoring reality, but most especially in its fashion sense. Countless characters have outfits you couldn't make in real life without cheating, anti-gravity, or a wish-granting genie. Here are a mere dozen of them. » 8/22/14 10:00am 8/22/14 10:00am

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps director in the lead to adapt the…

With the Americanized version of Akira on hold, Warner Bros. has set up another celebrated Manga for a live-action adaptation: Tite Kubo's Bleach. Here we go again! » 2/23/12 10:52am 2/23/12 10:52am

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John Carter director Andrew Stanton reveals how he created a movie out of Edgar Rice Burroughs' adventure yarns. Director Sam Mendes talks from the set of Skyfall. Plus Neil Gaiman talks about writing the pilot for HBO's American Gods adaptation. » 2/23/12 6:00am 2/23/12 6:00am

The Weirdest Creatures that Vampires Have Gone to War Against

This weekend, the Underworld series returns, and once again vampires will resume their endless war against the Lycans. (Plus the humans, this time.) These days, we're used to thinking of vampires and werewolves as mortal enemies — but vampires have also fought an assortment of much weirder foes. » 1/19/12 9:01am 1/19/12 9:01am

10 Biggest Time-Sinks in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Where does the time go? For some of us, that's a question involving time-loops and FTL drive. But for a lot of us, the explanation has more to do with massive books, bursting DVD sets and addictive games. » 1/27/11 10:00am 1/27/11 10:00am

Fan video proves that every anime show has the same opening credits

To highlight the fact that almost all anime shows start the same way, Derek Lieu has smushed 93 anime openings into less than five minutes. I want to stare wistfully into the sunset while walking in slow-mo with Golgo 13. » 11/27/10 10:30am 11/27/10 10:30am

Will Warners Make Bleach Movie Instead Of Akira?

Did a widely publicized plagiarism scandal help make Tite Kubo's Bleach a hot movie property? Hot on the heels of accusations that Gene Simmons' kid ripped off Bleach for his own comic Incarnate, Warner Bros. purchased the Bleach movie rights. » 3/22/10 10:09am 3/22/10 10:09am