Could New Live-Action Star Wars TV Shows Really Be Heading To Netflix? 

Bruce Boxleitner says that he’s done with Tron. Stephen Amell says Arrow will never give Oliver Queen his comic book goatee. Transformers 5 gets its writers. Plus, new pictures from Batman v Superman and The Walking Dead, a new clip from Fantastic Four, and a look at the cool spaceships of The Expanse. Spoilers!
»7/31/15 6:00am7/31/15 6:00am

Which Fall TV Show Will Rock Your World? Our Spoiler-Free Impressions!

Last night at Comic-Con, we saw four of this fall’s most hotly awaited new TV shows. Which one will be your new obsession, and which will be the next epic disaster? Out of four new shows, one was pretty much as good as we expected, two were blah... and one was a nice surprise. Here’s our spoiler-free rundown. »7/09/15 7:00am7/09/15 7:00am

This weird scifi short perfectly captures the frustration of dealing with airlines

You know that feeling of dread you experience at the prospect of dealing with an airline rep over the phone? This short film, "Blind Spot," manages to perfectly capture that growing sense of frustration as you realize you're never going to get your flight sorted . . . especially when you realize there is actually… »8/09/12 2:56pm8/09/12 2:56pm

10 Limits to Human Perception ... and How They Shape Your World

Every human has limits. You can only run so fast, jump so high, and go for so long without water. But what about restrictions upon our five senses, those tools that we use to perceive and understand our surroundings? Here are ten limitations on human perception that have a direct impact on how we understand the world. »7/17/12 10:26am7/17/12 10:26am