The Innovative, Controversial Evolution Of Hearthstone


Eighteen months ago, the people who make World of Warcraft and Diablo released a card game. Players liked it, for good reason. Hearthstone was immediately a lot of fun. It also pretty much played by the rules that would bind any physical card game. You had cards, a deck and a fair amount of predictability. Like poker,… »9/14/15 12:51pm9/14/15 12:51pm

17 Years Later, StarCraft's Story Is Finally Coming To An End

It’s been 17 years since the original launch of StarCraft, the seminal real-time strategy game that both revolutionized competitive gaming and went on to spawn some of the world’s most popular games, like Dota and League of Legends. In the next few months, or maybe years—this is Blizzard, after all—that long journey… »6/29/15 5:08pm6/29/15 5:08pm

The People Who Still Play World of Warcraft Like It’s 2006


We met on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the muddy shores of Lakeshire. There were 40 of us, alternatives in tow, laughing, buffing, flaunting. We exorcised our pre-raid jitters as best we could. North of Lakeshire lay the sinister Burning Steppes, home of Blackrock Mountain and home of our hopes and dreams. Blackwing Lair… »5/14/15 12:58pm5/14/15 12:58pm

7 Games We Saw in Action That Never Came Out


It’s frankly ridiculous how close some games are to finished when they are cancelled - or, conversely, how vaporous they can be when they’re first shown. At trade shows, you see maybe 50 games in the space of 4 or 5 days, and a small proportion of them fade into the background and are never heard from again. Sometimes… »4/29/15 4:29pm4/29/15 4:29pm

Major Blizzard Set to Dump Feet of Snow on New York City and Boston

All signs point to a significant blizzard in the Northeast on Monday night and Tuesday, with major cities like New York and Boston probably measuring snow in feet by the time the storm clears out. If the forecast pans out, this will be one of the most significant winter storms we've seen in quite a few years. »1/25/15 4:41pm1/25/15 4:41pm