Magazines have finally killed blogs -- but in a way you never expected

When Google recently announced it was killing the RSS reader known simply as Reader, a small corner of the internet went apeshit. The rest of the internet asked, "What the hell is RSS?" The answer to that question reveals a lot about why blogs are doomed to be upstaged by the magazines they tried to replace. Still,… »3/28/13 7:40pm3/28/13 7:40pm


Finally A Comment Thread That Gets Down And Dirty With Higher Math

An erudite, intense discussion is taking place in the comments, over at the Computational Complexity blog. At issue: Is complexity theory (a discipline which studies "the power and limitations of efficient computation") a form of math, or physics? You can use it to describe physical processes, but does that make it a… »5/10/10 12:30pm5/10/10 12:30pm

Future Historians Explain the Success of the Obama Administration

Now that Barack Obama has been elected president, reports are pouring in from the future to let us know what to expect from the next four to eight years. While some of these posts from the future depict Obama’s America as a big government, anti-Christian nightmare »11/06/08 3:00pm11/06/08 3:00pm, others assure us that the new administration will…

SciFi Channel Tells You How to Save the World, with Help from Their Friends

Expect to see some seriously interesting writing over at SciFi Channel's new blog How You Can Save the World, which the channel's president Dave Howe says will be "championing an optimistic outlook of the future." It's delightful to see smart futurists like Jamais Cascio and Esther Dyson blogging alongside heavy… »8/05/08 6:53pm8/05/08 6:53pm