Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome's soundtrack had a human-vs.-synthetic war of its own

The Battlestar Galactica web series Blood and Chrome finally aired on the Syfy Channel yesterday, but the franchise isn't quite finished yet — at least if you're interested in hearing composer Bear McCreary explain how he made the prequel series' fantastic score in this vlog. It's actually a fascinating look at the… »2/11/13 4:40pm2/11/13 4:40pm


Syfy still has no plans to make Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome into a TV show

You've seen the slick-as-hell trailer for Battlestar Galactica's Cylon War prequel Blood and Chrome. But even though the trailer has revived the world's fervor for frakking toasters, it didn't change Syfy's postion on demoting Blood And Chrome to the status of webseries. But there's a silver lining! »3/22/12 1:55pm3/22/12 1:55pm

Totally Badass Trailer for Battlestar Galactica's Cylon War Prequel, Blood and Chrome

Check out the amazing trailer for the new Battlestar Galactica prequel, Blood and Chrome. Following a young William Adama fighting in the first Cylon War. Last we heard, this pilot was going to be demoted to a webseries, instead of being aired as a TV movie. But this trailer is too amazing to be relegated to the… »3/21/12 12:16am3/21/12 12:16am