"Rationality" sets science fiction apart from fantasy

In an article published in the journal CLCWeb:Comparative Literature and Culture, Simone Caroti argues that "cognition" is what sets science fiction apart from fantasy, using Greg Bear's Blood Music as an example. » 10/23/10 8:50am 10/23/10 8:50am

Ten Great New York Monsters (OK, One is from New Jersey)

New York is famous as a breeding ground for monsters. With the metropolis about to get ripped to shreds on Friday in giant monster flick Cloverfield, NY's love affair with deadly, inhuman beasts is on our minds. HP Lovecraft wrote back in the 1920s that the Red Hook neighborhood was built over a vast, subterranean… » 1/16/08 11:50am 1/16/08 11:50am