The Avengers are Earth's Derpiest Heroes in the blooperfied trailer

You saw the Star Wars trailer re-edited to include the wonderful, recently unearthed blooper footage; now OneMinuteGalactica has done the same by combining the Avengers blooper reel and its first movie trailer, and the results are even more delightful. The shawarma scene alone is worth the price of admission. »11/20/13 11:40am11/20/13 11:40am

Picard vamps, Worf sings, and Riker makes out with the camera in this Next Generation blooper reel

Everyone gets goofy in this gag reel from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Bluray. Watch Brent Spiner fail to tell a dirty joke, plenty of Michael Dorn giggles, and the way Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes comfort one another when they stumble over their technobabble. »12/30/12 10:30am12/30/12 10:30am