9 Wonder Woman Villains (That Explain Why Nobody Talks About Wonder…

Superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man all have enemies that are immediately familiar to those unversed in comic book minutiae. But Wonder Woman? Sure, she has recurring antagonists like Circe, Cheetah, and Ares, but nobody on par with, say, Lex Luthor or Venom. Here are nine nemeses that would transform a … » 8/21/12 10:40am 8/21/12 10:40am

Why are Martian sunsets blue?

The sunset pictured here may look strange to you and me, but on Mars it's a rather common sight. A bluish hue radiates outward from the setting Sun, fading gradually before taking on a pinkish tinge. » 4/30/12 1:22pm 4/30/12 1:22pm