"They Had To Keep Reinventing This Character Until They Got It Perfect"

Sometimes a character goes through so many reinventions and reimaginings, it feels as though they're just being chewed up by the machine. (See Hawkman.) But sometimes, the 20th version of a character is just... perfect. Which character actually benefited from endless redesigns and reboots? » 6/24/14 2:15pm 6/24/14 2:15pm

Looks like another DC superhero might be stopping by Arrow

Arrow has a very strict "no superpowers" rule, but that hasn't stopped a bevy DC good guys and bad guys from appearing on the hit superhero show. But now another major — well, reasonably major — DC hero may be stopping by in an upcoming episode. » 4/12/13 2:20pm 4/12/13 2:20pm

Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Started Out Writing…

When you write about other worlds and strange discoveries, you need a quick wit. And an ear for clever dialogue, that keeps the story buzzing along. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that many of science fiction and fantasy's greatest creators started out in comedy, including sitcoms. » 3/21/13 12:56pm 3/21/13 12:56pm

Read an exclusive sneak peek of the next issue of DC Comics' Blue Beetle

Courtesy of DC Comics, here's an exclusive first look at next Wednesday's issue of the teen superhero series Blue Beetle. » 12/14/11 8:20am 12/14/11 8:20am

On Smallville, Blue Beetle's a scary monster and Booster Gold's a…

Yesterday's episode of Smallville, "Booster," introduced stalwart DC heroes Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to the show's universe. Even though this episode added doodly-squat to Smallville's end game, Booster Gold's celebrity superheroics and unapologetic campiness were a good fit for Smallville. » 4/23/11 9:45am 4/23/11 9:45am

How can Marvel and DC create the next Smallville?

Everybody's looking for the next Smallville. Both Warner Bros (DC) and ABC (Marvel) are aiming to create the next sensation based on existing comics properties. But given how bad most comics-to-TV adaptations have been, how do you copy Smallville's success? » 8/11/10 1:04pm 8/11/10 1:04pm

Here's the live-action Blue Beetle footage that debuted at Comic-Con

Here's that Blue Beetle footage that Geoff Johns said would debut at Comic-Con. Witness Jaime Reyes transform into the hero, jet through the air, and whiz back home. Alex Winter, a.k.a. Bill of Bill & Ted fame, created this short. » 7/27/10 1:30pm 7/27/10 1:30pm

We have super spoilers for Season 10 of Smallville

At the last Smallville Comic-Con panel, the cast confirmed who would be Clark's antagonist this year, what new DC characters would cameo, and whether Clark would finally fly up, up, and away. Afterward, we interviewed the show's actors and writers. » 7/26/10 10:50am 7/26/10 10:50am

A taste of that Blue Beetle footage everyone's been talking about

If you missed it, DC's Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, tweeted that DC did some tests to see how the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle would look in live-action. DC will show more at Comic-Con. (It's at around 0:48.) [Robot 6] » 6/18/10 2:00pm 6/18/10 2:00pm

The first photos of the Blue Beetle's live-action transformation

Remember how Geoff Johns was all atwitter about debuting the potential Blue Beetle TV series at Comic-Con? Well, Johns jumped the gun and leaked photos to DC's The Source blog. Here's his alter ego, Jaime Reyes, becoming the carapaced crusader. » 6/16/10 1:35pm 6/16/10 1:35pm

Is a Blue Beetle live-action TV series on the way?

Today, DC Comics' Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns tweeted that Jaime Reyes, DC Universe's current bearer of the Blue Beetle mantle, would possibly be getting the live-action treatment. Johns hopes that footage from the show will hopefully debut at Comic-Con. » 6/13/10 3:49pm 6/13/10 3:49pm

What Kind Of Unpowered Superhero Are You?

With Kick-Ass in the theaters this weekend, you may be considering superheroics as a career yourself. But wait! What kind of superhero will you be - the neighborhood champion or the deodorant-eschewing, bloodthirsty lunatic? Find out now! » 4/17/10 6:11pm 4/17/10 6:11pm

Brave And Bold Returns, Better And Weirder Than Ever

As if you needed any more convincing that Batman: The Brave And The Bold was the must-see superhero cartoon around, last night's return featured a mix of Venture Bros, mechasuits and Edward G. Robinson. Genius! » 5/09/09 1:30pm 5/09/09 1:30pm

Brave & Bold Returns With Unfortunate Love Story

While other shows may be ending with explosive finales, our favorite cartoon Batman: The Brave And The Bold returns tonight with a story of inappropriate crushes and jailbreaks. We have a clip to whet appetites. » 5/08/09 9:00am 5/08/09 9:00am

Digging Deep: 24 Science Fiction Archaeologists

What's the best part about living in the distant future? There's so much more past for you to explore! We take a look at some of science fiction's most illustrious antiquarians. » 3/14/09 9:00am 3/14/09 9:00am

Nerd Meltdown As Wil Wheaton Fights Crime Beside Batman

Geek icon Wil Wheaton has finally transcended his Wesley Crusher roots... by teaming up with Batman. Wheaton plays the silver-age Blue Beetle in this week's Brave and The Bold, and we couldn't be happier. » 1/21/09 12:43pm 1/21/09 12:43pm

Brave And Bold: Colorful, Jazzy And A Lot Of Fun

Obviously, the people behind new cartoon Batman: The Brave and The Bold » 11/15/08 9:00am 11/15/08 9:00am didn't get the memo about how the caped crusader was supposed to be handled, post-. How else to explain a story that doesn't just take Batman to an alien planet to lead an insurrection, but also shows him breathing in the cold, airless vacuum of…

Batman: The Brave And The Bold Premieres Tonight

The spirit of Bob Haney lives on with tonight's premiere of Batman: The Brave And The Bold » 11/14/08 3:30pm 11/14/08 3:30pm on Cartoon Network at 8pm. The new show teams up a happier, gentler Batman than we've seen for awhile with a host of lesser-known DC Comics superheroes, including Green Arrow, Aquaman and Plastic Man, starting tonight with the…

Batman Gets Brave, Bold And Beetled In New Cartoon Clip

Batman faces off with pointy-eared aliens and bug-eyed space dictators in this clip from the upcoming animated series Batman: The Brave And The Bold » 10/27/08 1:20pm 10/27/08 1:20pm. It's all to help Blue Beetle save some weird dancing amoebas. Is it some strange Joker-toxin-induced nightmare... or the return to the type of awesome old-school sci-fi…