The Whales That Carry Worlds On Their Backs

The each species of skywhale carries a different biome on their back. For a planet to exist with variable geography, individuals of the various species must band together and fit the environments they carry together. » 9/10/14 1:30am 9/10/14 1:30am

Watch these humpback whales come within feet of gobbling up two divers

These divers had an incredibly close encounter with two humpback whales recently, while exploring the waters of Central California's Souza Rock. » 7/22/13 3:41pm 7/22/13 3:41pm

Whales have a sensory organ unlike anything we've ever seen

It's possible that whales can sense things that no other living creatures can. Scientists have discovered a grapefruit-sized mass of vessels and nervous tissues located in whales' chins, and they believe it's an entirely new kind of sensory organ. It's possible the organ is what allows these massive creatures to eat… » 5/24/12 11:51am 5/24/12 11:51am

A Life Size Blue Whale Is Stuck In Your Computer

See what a full sized blue whale would look like in person. Spreading the save the whales word, the WDCS wants you to look into the big black fist-sized eye, and stop bloody whaling. [WDCS] » 6/01/09 9:30am 6/01/09 9:30am