Finally, A Firefly Board Game That Makes Sense

Firefly is already enough of a weird property to be turning into a board game, almost 13 years after it graced (and promptly left) our screens - it's not like people haven't tried to shoehorn it into more conventional games, either. But finally, someone's gotten round to making a Firefly game that looks pretty cool. » 1/07/15 11:43am 1/07/15 11:43am

12 Games from Science Fiction and Fantasy we'd love Real versions of

Over the weekend there was news that Tall Card, the fictional poker-esque card game played by the Serenity Crew in Firefly was becoming a real-word product. Here's 12 awesome card and board games from across Sci-Fi and Fantasy that we'd love to get real versions of too. » 10/28/14 1:01am 10/28/14 1:01am

Homemade Settlers of Catan board game turns your sheep into LEGO bricks

We've seen the venerable "wheat-and-brick-and-yelling board game" Settlers of Catan go gigantic and to the final frontier. Now — in a marvelous act of nerdiness — LEGO sculptor Ryan H. has built a playable Catan board out of little plastic rectangles. Explains Ryan, "I played this every night at Brickworld; I think… » 7/02/12 10:35am 7/02/12 10:35am

Let's write the sequel to Battleship based on some crap I found on my…

A few years back, moviegoers had a big belly laugh when they heard that a movie studio was immolating $200 million on an alien invasion flick based on the 1967 board game Battleship. "Haw haw!" we innocently guffawed. "Obligatory bon mot about red and white pegs! You sunk my battleship! Insert mock glee about cultural… » 5/16/12 9:45am 5/16/12 9:45am

Michael Bay's Ouija movie is back from the dead, with a 95% budget cut!

We thought all of Universal's board game-inspired flicks were dead and buried (with the obvious exception of Battleship). But with shaved production values comes a renewed hope for one flick — the Ouija board movie! With a brand new budget of two nickels and a couple dusty Starbursts, the Hasbro-backed board game is… » 3/06/12 8:45am 3/06/12 8:45am

Classic Board Games Photoshopped into terrifying horror films

Battleship, Monopoly, Ouija — these are all real board games Hollywood has been turning (or at least attempting to turn) into major motion pictures. But what about the rest of the classic brain teasers? A Photoshop contest challenged folks to imagine even more board game movies — by creating horror movie posters. The… » 10/14/11 6:30am 10/14/11 6:30am