The Man Who Invented The Telephone Was A Secret Speed Freak

On February 14th, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell got his name put in the history books when he beat fellow inventor Elisha Gray to the patent office with his new creation, the telephone. And while the telephone's importance to humanity is neat, it's not exactly Bell's most adrenaline-pumping idea. For that, you need… » 1/18/14 4:08pm 1/18/14 4:08pm

Government Ship Launch Looks Badass But Goes Crazy Wrong

The launch of a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ship last year looked like it went perfectly, except holy crap it looked like it exploded and killed a lady. Everyone survived, there were just injuries. So what happened? » 6/03/13 6:08pm 6/03/13 6:08pm