10 Places to Buy Amazing Science Fiction and Fantasy Art

Summer is coming to a close, and for many of us that means new beginnings. With school right around the corner, hordes of us will be moving into new apartments and houses for the year, and with new digs comes the opportunity to update (or start) your collection of science fiction and fantasy artwork! » 8/08/11 10:07am 8/08/11 10:07am

Own these Famous Monsters covers and horrify your friends!

Famous Monsters is more than just an iconic magazine founded by Forrest J. Ackerman — it's a lifestyle. Long before Lady Gaga was a fame monster, there were Frankenstein, Dracula and other classics, basking in their celebrity status. » 3/01/11 12:44pm 3/01/11 12:44pm

Strange worlds and thrilling companions: A new book collects stunning…

The greatest science fiction art doesn't just light up your retinas with wonder and strangeness — it also makes you think, just like great science fiction writing. A new book, SciFi Art Now, contains mind-blowing futuristic and strange art. » 11/16/10 12:51pm 11/16/10 12:51pm

Vote for your the "best artist" Hugo — with your desktop wallpaper!

Every year, the Best Artist Hugo category is a dazzling sensory overload. How do you choose? For starters, Tor.com has desktop wallpapers by all the nominees, including this Age Of Misrule cover by John Picacio. [Tor.com, registration required] » 5/27/10 6:00pm 5/27/10 6:00pm

Godzilla Battles Sea Monsters And Dragons, For The Sake Of Art

We love Hugo Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton's art in general, but his kaiju and dragon images — at least one of which appeared in a Tokyo gallery show — melt our brains with their atomic breath of awesomeness. » 2/26/10 9:30am 2/26/10 9:30am

Bob Eggleton: The Texture of Monsters

Welcome back to Jewels of Apator, Ann and Jeff VanderMeer's biweekly column about the intersection of art and the fantastic. Bob Eggleton has created so many book covers, interior art, monster art, and miscellaneous projects that it's hard to keep track of his total output. And that's not even including film work for » 8/08/08 9:00am 8/08/08 9:00am