Man Removes Nose to Look More Like Red Skull

Venezuelan Henry Damon has long admired Marvel's Red Skull, the archnemesis of Captain America - and he's chosen to display his love for the character through extreme body modification. Warning: There is a picture and footage of the modification after the cut, and it's graphic, so proceed with caution. »2/04/15 11:29pm2/04/15 11:29pm


Filling your forehead with saline solution is the grossest way to cosplay as a Klingon

Have you ever wished to dress up as Worf, but are too hem to glue pretzel sticks to your noggin? Simply travel to Japan and attend a saline forehead injection party. For one magical night, your cranium will be distended and pliant, like a giant gag-inducing block of liverwurst. You can even transform your dome into… »9/26/12 5:50pm9/26/12 5:50pm

Texting Thumb Sore? Adapt Your Body to Fit Your Technology

Technology and design don’t always mesh well with the human body. You get earbuds that fall out of your ears, glasses that slip down the bridge of your nose, and keypads that leave our thumbs worn ragged. While designers try to create designs that better fit our bodies, photographer Marcia Nolte imagines a world where… »10/26/08 7:00pm10/26/08 7:00pm

How Many of Your Internal Organs Can You Live Without?

Organ failure is one of those annoying problems many of us face — often sooner than we want to. The good news is that there are a lot of organs you can live without. You probably already know, for example, that your appendix and tonsils can be removed entirely without any harm done. But there are several other organs… »2/14/08 7:30pm2/14/08 7:30pm