Forget U2's Spider-Man musical: We're throwing our support behind Bon…

While the Spider-Man musical might have a $60 million dollar budget, a team of Cirque du Soleil performers and Bono, the Hulk musical (Hulk: Inside and Out) has a tub of green paint, purple spanks and better music. Advantage: Hulk. » 12/01/10 10:03am 12/01/10 10:03am

Toxic Avenger Goes On All Singing, All Dancing Rampage

One of the weirdest mutant exploitation movies of all time has been turned into a musical, being staged in New Jersey. The Toxic Avenger, formerly a bizarre B-movie about a skinny nerd who becomes a deformed super-hero after falling into a barrel of toxic waste, has been adapted into a stage musical twice before — but… » 4/24/08 2:00am 4/24/08 2:00am