Stephen Hawking Wants To Play A Bond Villain. Make It Happen, Hollywood

Professor Stephen Hawking has appeared as himself on The Simpsons, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Futurama, and The Big Bang Theory, but for once, he'd like to play someone other than himself. And he even has the perfect role picked out: Professor Hawking wants to play the villain in a James Bond film. »12/03/14 3:20pm12/03/14 3:20pm


The Forbidden 007 Commentaries Are Now Free For Your Perusal

Back in 1991, the mighty Criterion Collection licensed the rights from EON Productions to make special edition laserdiscs based on the first three theatrical Bond movies, Dr. No, From Russia With Love, and Goldfinger. Today Criterion is known mostly for its superb Blu-Ray and DVD editions of classic Hollywood and… »5/09/14 1:27pm5/09/14 1:27pm

Sir Ken Adam Guides You Through The Greatest Evil Lairs From James Bond

The BBC has a wonderful audio interview world famous James Bond's Production Designer Sir Ken Adam about how he built an evil doer's hangout inside a volcano and (my personal favorite) created an entire submarine on set for The Spy Who Loved Me »11/05/08 12:30pm11/05/08 12:30pm. The amazing interview is accompanied by a slideshow of Adams' concept…