Swedish woman charged for sexing herself with human skeletons

Fair warning: Potentially unsettling images after the jump. Then again, you're reading a post about necrophilia; what did you expect? No judgement. Just saying. » 11/20/12 8:00am 11/20/12 8:00am

For $1,200, two handguns sculpted out of dead cats' bones

Who remembers that disgusting bone pistol from David Cronenberg's eXistenZ ? If you're in the market for something similar, New Zealand artist Bruce Mahalski and jeweler Vaune Mason are offering a duo of bone pistols for the starting price of $1,500 New Zealand Dollars (a smidge over $1,200 American dollars): » 9/25/12 3:55pm 9/25/12 3:55pm

Good to know: Etsy retailers can sell human teeth, but not bones

Oh, Etsy, you wonderfully weird online bazaar. One can find almost anything beneath your digital marquee — from made-to-order Jayne Cobb beanies to dog toys in the shape of a penis, to bar soap carved in the likeness of a baby's face — but there's one thing you won't find for sale at Etsy: human bones. » 8/13/12 6:50am 8/13/12 6:50am

Anatomically correct chairs line up with your bones and organs

You may not normally think much about your spine, rib cage, and pelvic bones when you sit in an ordinary chair, but Sam Edkins' "Anatomically Correct" seats are more than ordinary. These chairs combine Victorian furniture design with human skeletons and circulation, creating a whimsical object. » 7/28/12 5:00pm 7/28/12 5:00pm

Could controlling oxygen help us regenerate bones?

Let's face it, humans aren't too good at the whole "regenerating limbs" thing. In fact, the only way we can regrow bones is if we only lose the tip of one of our fingers or toes. But what makes that loss different to any other part of the body? » 4/27/12 8:35am 4/27/12 8:35am

Behold the ghostly women in Stephen King’s Bag of Bones miniseries

Check out tons of teasers and behind-the-scenes footage from A&E's new miniseries based on Stephen King's book Bag of Bones. Starring Pierce Brosnan, this series looks like your classic ghost-in-the-water tale — but with King you know there's always a twist! » 10/17/11 4:20pm 10/17/11 4:20pm

Scientists figure out how to test Neanderthals for left or right…

Scientists developed an experiment that reveals whether our long-dead evolutionary cousins Neanderthals are right or left handed - just from dental records. They did it by relying on evidence from stone tools, and humankind's innate klutziness. » 4/22/11 3:30pm 4/22/11 3:30pm

Want to know if a man is fertile? Check his bones.

For gentlemen only: Your fertility may be dictated by your skeleton. New research in mice has shown that there's a very strong link between the bone hormone osteocalcin, and the production of testosterone. Male mice with low levels of osteocalcin had small and infrequent litters compared to those with higher amounts… » 2/18/11 3:51pm 2/18/11 3:51pm

10 Greatest Rappers Who Starred in Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

In space, nobody can hear you freestyle. But that hasn't stopped some of hip-hop's greatest legends from appearing in some classic science fiction and fantasy movies. From battling killer sharks to fighting off ghosts on Mars, some of our favorite rappers have also become some of our favorite SF heroes. » 2/17/11 10:35am 2/17/11 10:35am

Superhero spacesuits may keep bones strong in space

As space programs turn their attention toward long-term human spaceflight, it's more important than ever to address the physical toll of life in space. These suits could help astronauts retain bone density and look snazzy at the same time. » 11/02/10 6:20am 11/02/10 6:20am

Is "avoiding tropes" the same thing as telling fresh stories?

Often, it seems the highest praise you can give a story is to say it avoids a common trope. And thanks to the Internet, everyone, including creators, is hyper-aware of this. But do we cherish trope-avoidance, instead of fresh storytelling? » 7/16/10 11:55am 7/16/10 11:55am

Bones Proves That Liking Avatar Will Get You Laid

Deciding trailers were simply not enough, Fox infused last night's episode of Bones with a hulking Avatar promotion. It showed fans of the forensic procedural not only that Avatar has amazing effects; liking the movie could also get you laid. » 12/04/09 11:00am 12/04/09 11:00am

The Tiny Sea Creatures That Want to Eat Your Bones

Researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium are currently studying a group of yet-unnamed boneworms of the genus Osedax. The worms' larvae infest the carcasses of dead animals found on the ocean floor and gradually chow down on the bones. [PhysOrg] » 11/11/09 3:00pm 11/11/09 3:00pm

Buildings Where the Walls are Lined with Human Bones

Looking for a setting for your next haunted horror movie? Many of the ornate and elaborate ossuaries around the world serve as grim reminders of mortality, and evoke an eerie sense that their skeletal walls could suddenly spring to life. » 10/26/09 8:40am 10/26/09 8:40am

Sparkle Free, For Her Pleasure

You've already seen the best thing to come out of last nights Emmys. But there were also a lot of science-fiction gems along the way. Please help us caption this picture of the only two vampires who matter. » 9/21/09 5:01pm 9/21/09 5:01pm

What Your 2009-2010 Network TV Will Look Like

Get prepared to set your long-range TiVos. Now that the networks have all announced their new line-ups, we've got the rundown of where all your favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) shows will be next season. » 5/23/09 12:00pm 5/23/09 12:00pm

Inject New Bones Into Your Body, Just Like Wolverine

You can't get an indestructible adamantium skeleton, but a new surgical technique can help you fix broken bones with just one shot. That's right: You can get a bone graft injected via syringe. » 5/01/09 7:00am 5/01/09 7:00am

Science The Way It Ought To Be Taught, On Bones

If only all science lessons came with CGI poultry, slapstick and as part of a murder investigation. Last night's Bones offered up the model for this exciting new educational method, and we have the video. » 4/10/09 11:38am 4/10/09 11:38am

Question Starfleet's Recruitment Policy In New Star Trek Clip

If you thought that the original Leonard McCoy was afraid of space travel, wait until you see Karl Urban's Bones in this new clip from next month's Star Trek movie. Disease and danger, you say? » 4/08/09 6:30am 4/08/09 6:30am

Create Your Own Original Star Trek Story

The original Star Trek only managed to make 80 episodes before running out of Dilithium. Not enough! So we mixed up the show's most frequent plot twists, to create a foolproof Trek story generator. » 1/28/09 2:24pm 1/28/09 2:24pm