This Perfect Snowpiercer Poster Takes You All The Way To The Front of the Train

Snowpiercer, the action-packed 2014 dystopian drama, is jam-packed with evocative imagery. The train against the snowy countryside, the radically different cars on the train, as well as the battles that happen on it. Choosing a single moment for a poster is tough. Which is why artist JC Richard didn’t choose just one. »Monday 2:40pm11/23/15 2:40pm


Snowpiercer May Become a TV Show, Because All Movies Are TV Shows Now

Limitless. Minority Report. Damien. Fargo. Scream. Ash vs Evil Dead. The list of movies that are now TV series goes on and on, and we have another to scrawl onto the bottom of the ever-lengthening list: Bong Joon Ho’s “dystopia on a train” thriller Snowpiercer is now Snowpiercer: The Comic: The Movie: The TV Show. »11/11/15 3:40pm11/11/15 3:40pm

Visual Breakdown For Snowpiercer Reveals The Train's Secret Meaning

We shall never tire of analyzing Bong Joon-Ho's Snowpiercer. And now, Nerdwriter has compiled a video breakdown of the film's visual allegories. Watch how the director uses camera angles and colors to perpetuate (or challenge) the driving force of this film. Did you catch all these different layers on your first… »8/05/14 6:26pm8/05/14 6:26pm

US release of Snowpiercer will be uncut, but it's still getting screwed

First the good news: After all the drama and Harvey Weinstein's desire to trim 25 minutes of screentime and add voiceovers to Bong Joon-Ho's acclaimed adaptation of the French scifi comic Snowpiercer, U.S. audiences will get to see the film in its entirety. The bad news? These U.S. audiences are going to really tiny. »2/07/14 11:50am2/07/14 11:50am

Revolution derails the last train on earth in the Snowpiercer trailer

In Bong Joon-Ho's scifi movie Snowpiercer, the last remnants of humanity live on a single train, upper class up front and lower class in the back. This first international trailer reveals the revolution that will rock the train to its caboose, at least if Chris Evans ever figures out what time it's supposed to start. »6/12/13 12:30pm6/12/13 12:30pm