How the Chinese developed forensic science in the 12th century

The fascinating legend of the Shitz duzhe extended all over China in the twelfth century: the Shitz duzhe came from a lineage of forensic judges, allegedly escaped from the fires of hell, whose supernatural powers allowed them to see through flesh, commune with the spirits, and solve the most mysterious crimes. For… »7/10/13 6:36pm7/10/13 6:36pm

Equality in sexy book reading achieved with "Naked Dudes Reading Lovecraft"

It was three whole years ago we told you about the "Naked Girls Reading Science Fiction" event held by The Pinchbottom Burlesque, but now we're happy to report those who prefer people of the penis-ed variety reading genre fiction aloud to them will finally have their chance, courtesy of Ham Pants Productions and… »2/06/13 9:20am2/06/13 9:20am

This awesome Hobbit concept art is an expressticket to Middle-Earth

Behold the majesty of Middle-Earth! Discover Radagast's home! Sneak a glance at the face of the Wargs! Artists John Howe and Alan Lee have shared their unique look at the world of The Hobbit with this collection of select panels of gorgeous concept art in the new issue of ImagineFX, and here's a sneak peek at what… »12/21/12 11:00am12/21/12 11:00am

How to make a book fetishist fall in lust with an e-book reader

I am a book fetishist. I love the feel of an old book, its soft pages and slightly musty smell. The frayed edges of its hard cover. And I love the starchy slab of a new paperback. How can decidedly unsexy e-book readers ever quench my book lust? Well, it turns out that they can - if they're enclosed in the right… »3/16/11 8:14pm3/16/11 8:14pm

Disarming a Landmined World in Eliot Fintushel Story, Free Online

In a war-ravaged future where most urban areas are riddled with mines, a de-miner's only friends are New York street kids and his bomb dog Uxo (short for unexploded ordnance). In the short story "Uxo, Bomb Dog," available from excellent scifi blog Futurismic, author Eliot Fintushel creates a wry, sad portrait of a man… »3/28/08 11:40am3/28/08 11:40am

Jumper: Here's Why You Should Skip the Movie and Just Read the Book

Jumper may have made $30 million at the box office this past weekend, but the original book has been out for more than 16 years, and they don't bear much resemblance to each other except for the main character's name and the teleporting. In fact, once the book was optioned and turned into a movie, author Steven Gould… »2/21/08 11:40am2/21/08 11:40am