Fore-Edge Paintings: The Secret Works of Art Hidden Inside Book Pages

Sometimes the greatest artworks are hidden in plain sight. Case in point: the University of Iowa recently discovered a four-volume set of scientific books from 1837 contains hidden paintings on the edges of the pages, which only show up when you fan them part-way open. These "Fore-Edge Paintings" are everywhere, and… »9/16/13 6:00pm9/16/13 6:00pm

Storybook characters burst from their pages in these incredible paper sculptures

Jodi Harvey-Brown has a somewhat different take on the notion of pop-up books. She uses novels, biographies, and books of short stories as both the inspiration and materials for her open book paper sculptures, reworking the pages to illustrate characters, ships, and scenes from the tales. The end results are lovely,… »12/09/12 2:00pm12/09/12 2:00pm