Zen Cho's Sorcerer To The Crown Shows What Happens When Politics And Magic Mix

In Sorcerer to the Crown, magic in England has been in decline, and the one respected Royal Society of Unnatural Philosophers is an institution tasked with overseeing magic in the nation. Zen Cho’s novel is a powerful, deliberate story of how politics and magic come together, and what consequences might lie when they… »11/15/15 4:00pm11/15/15 4:00pm


Locke & Key Is Just As Haunting As An Audio Drama As It Is A Graphic Novel

Audible is taking one of the best comics in recent years has turned it into a dramatic audio presentation: Locke and Key. The production is a stunning adaptation and it proves that Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s horrifying graphic novel series is just as terrifying off the pages. Best of all? It’ll be a free… »10/03/15 2:00pm10/03/15 2:00pm

Read Over The Entire History of Gaming In A Brief History Of Video Games

I’ve been fascinated by all things ‘Geek History’ in the last couple of years, and recently, I’ve been trying to read up a bit more on the history of gaming. If that’s something that you’d like to read up on a bit more, Richard Stanton’s A Brief History of Video Games: The Evolution Of A Global Industry is probably… »8/29/15 5:30pm8/29/15 5:30pm

The New York Times gets a new science fiction book review column

It's been a while since the New York Times Sunday Book Review had a regular science fiction book column. So it's great news that The Third Bear author (and io9 contributor) Jeff VanderMeer has launched a new, semi-regular book column called "Science Fiction Chronicle." The first outing covers a nicely diverse bunch of… »9/09/10 12:00pm9/09/10 12:00pm