Update: Science Fiction Bookstore Borderlands Will Stay Open!

Here's a huge chunk of happy news to brighten your Sunday: San Francisco's scifi and fantasy bookstore, Borderlands, will stay open for at least another year thanks to a successful sponsorship campaign. YAY! » 2/22/15 8:40am 2/22/15 8:40am

San Francisco's Science Fiction Bookstore, Borderlands, Plans To Close

We could be losing another great science fiction bookstore soon. Citing an increase in the local minimum wage and pressures from Amazon.com, Borderlands Books announced a plan to close by the end of March. This would be a huge blow not just to San Francisco, but to science fiction authors who made this store a regular… » 2/02/15 1:00pm 2/02/15 1:00pm

How L.A.'s "Last Bookstore" evolved from post-apocalyptic to magical

When Josh Spencer decided to open a bookstore called the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, he pictured it as a post-apocalyptic thing — the Last Bookstore on Earth. But now that he's moved to a much larger space, an old bank headquarters in an Art Nouveau building, quirky weirdness has taken over. » 10/01/13 12:39pm 10/01/13 12:39pm

This Saturday, let your love of Star Wars take you to your local…

We may debate whether they read or write in the Star Wars universe — but one thing's for sure: the Star Wars tie-in books and novelizations have inspired countless people to start reading. There are so many Star Wars books and graphic novels now, it's like a whole literary genre up to itself. » 10/04/12 2:44pm 10/04/12 2:44pm

A Brand new Science Fiction Bookstore in Brooklyn — With a Mission to…

There aren't as many science fiction specialty bookstores are there used to be, thanks to the onslaught of Borders and Amazon — so it's great news to hear of a brand new SF store opening in Brooklyn. Singularity & Co. is having its opening party tonight, and should be open for business soon. » 8/09/12 4:01pm 8/09/12 4:01pm

One of the country's best science fiction bookstores expands to a…

There are now two Mysterious Galaxies in Southern California. The beloved San Diego bookstore Mysterious Galaxy is opening a second location in Redondo Beach. And it'll be twice the square-footage of the original store, occupying about 4,000 square feet of a 6,000 square foot building. [Bookweb] » 2/25/11 3:09pm 2/25/11 3:09pm

R.I.P. Germ Books, your one-stop shop for science fiction, paranoia and…

Germ Books, the Philadelphia store specializing in science fiction, UFO books and "theories science doesn't like," is going under at the end of the month. The good news: They're having a 50 percent sale until then. [via Wred Fright] » 1/10/11 12:51pm 1/10/11 12:51pm

The Real Reason Print Magazines May Be Doomed

Our own Braak writes a thoughtful post over at Threat Quality, on the real reasons magazines struggle, including some good questions. Why don't the science fiction magazines get shelved near science fiction books? And why does Fire Apparatus Journal exist? » 5/13/10 3:57pm 5/13/10 3:57pm

Winners Of The "Describe Your Favorite Bookstore" Contest

Over a week ago, we asked you to describe your favorite bookstore or comic book shop to win a giant box of free books from DelRey/Spectra. Now we've got our winner - and several runners-up. » 12/01/09 6:21pm 12/01/09 6:21pm

Teens Get Their Own Space To Dream About Strange Adventures

In case there was any doubt that the young readership is where the growth is these days, the struggling Borders announced it'll capitalize on its burgeoning teen audience, with a special department featuring young-adult novels and graphic novels. » 7/21/09 11:00am 7/21/09 11:00am

New Online Bookstore Is "Agnostic," But It'll Be a Religious Experience…

Tor.com may be the website of one of science fiction's biggest publishers, but their blog has tried to promote good books regardless of the publisher. And now they're extending this "agnostic" approach to their new online store, with fascinating results. » 6/18/09 3:30pm 6/18/09 3:30pm