The First Class sequel will be the most epic, mythic, ambitious X-Men movie yet!

The Robocop reboot adds another awesome actor to the mix. Charlie Day reveals Guillermo del Toro's larger-than-life approach to Pacific Rim. Jurassic Park 4 is seriously happening, according to the producer. Plus new videos and photos from the sets of Iron Man 3, Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural! »7/23/12 9:00am7/23/12 9:00am

Could Booster Gold really work as a weekly TV series? Syfy hopes so.

Booster Gold is a pretty clever concept: A guy from the far future travels back in time to our present, using futuristic technology to become a superhero so that he can become rich and famous. Would this concept actually work as a weekly TV show, especially if you put Booster in a world with few or no other… »11/23/11 7:45pm11/23/11 7:45pm

Something For Everyone Who Likes Awesome In This Week's Comics

Stop now, what's that sound? It may just be the stampede of new books hitting comic stores tomorrow - As we get closer to San Diego Comic-Con, publishers are stepping up their game, and tomorrow's haul includes first issues, final issues, deaths and resurrections and all manner of exciting things to make your hump day… »5/13/08 12:00pm5/13/08 12:00pm

DC Universe Will Give Us "Manazons" and Anatomically Correct Supergirls

A new Secret Six series, evil math and 'Manazons' for Wonder Woman to face, and a Supergirl without T&A were only a few of the announcements made by DC Comics uber-editor Dan DiDio (flanked by cosplayers as Good and Bad Mary Marvel) and the panel of DC writers and artists at New York Comic-Con. They also revealed a… »4/19/08 3:39pm4/19/08 3:39pm