Lady Astronaut or Lady Alien? Either Way, She's Got Vodka For You

Ahh, Friday. Time for a cocktail—or two. Who better to serve up your afternoon Moscow Mule than a female alien masquerading as an astronaut (which just goes to show they can be both)? This 1965 ad for Smirnoff vodka also proves that back in the first flush of America's now-curdled romance with the space program, they… »7/18/08 4:00pm7/18/08 4:00pm


Futuristic Custom Car with a Built-In Cocktail Bar — It Made Perfect Sense in 1962

Built on a 1953 Lincoln Capri hardtop by King of the Kustomizers, George Barris, the Golden Sahara II was a luxe vision of the automotive future. In 1962, the car appeared on the “I’ve Got a Secret” game show, where owner Jim Street explained the its interior features and electronics to host Gary Moore. The Golden… »6/06/08 4:30pm6/06/08 4:30pm