This Creepy Invasive Plant Is Wreaking Havoc In North America

The Giant hogweed, a long-stemmed plant originally from Central Asia, is currently spreading like wildfire around certain parts of the United States and Canada. Not only is it drowning out the local flora, it's also a noxious weed that, when touched, can cause blisters, long-lasting scars — and even blindness. » 7/17/14 4:40pm 7/17/14 4:40pm

The chemistry of the corpse flower's wretched stench

Earlier this month, a titan arum (a.k.a. "corpse flower," a.k.a. amorphophallus titanum, a.k.a. "large, misshapen penis") bloomed for the first time in over half a decade at the U.S. Botanical Garden in Washington D.C. In this quick video from BytesizeScience, the USBG's public science educator Todd Brethauer… » 7/31/13 8:30am 7/31/13 8:30am

Canada's new hi-tech $20 bill has the wrong maple leaf on it

Well, this is embarrassing: According to botanists, Canada's brand new polymer $20 bill has the wrong maple leaf on it. Instead of choosing a maple leaf derived from any one of 13 species native to the country, the Bank of Canada appears to have chosen a leaf from an invasive species, the Norway maple. But despite… » 1/21/13 12:50pm 1/21/13 12:50pm

Watch ants slip and slide to their doom inside this ingenious…

This short video reveals how the carnivorous pitcher plant Heliamphora nutans traps its prey with an ingenious two-step method — even if the ants in the video are able to get a grip on the plant's dangerously smooth pelt, some well-placed water means the ants have almost no chance of getting out alive. » 12/31/12 8:40am 12/31/12 8:40am