Botox: Not Just for Terrifying Rictus Faces Any More!

While most of us still mock those who would willingly inject deadly botulism toxin into their faces for cosmetic reasons, it turns out there really are some genuine therapeutic uses for the stuff, including curing migraines. » 7/05/12 6:30am 7/05/12 6:30am

Which poisonous bacterial protein is best for you?

As someone who has never had botulinim toxin injected in my face as a way to prevent wrinkles, it never occurred to me that different strains of the toxin might have different levels of effectiveness. Yet enterprising researchers from San Francisco have studied these poisons extensively, pitting two types against… » 6/23/11 10:14am 6/23/11 10:14am

Why botox forces you to be happy

Botox injections are the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States, with over 4.6 million people every year being injected with the botulinum toxin in order to paralyze facial muscles and prevent wrinkles. But botox doesn't just make people look younger (or, if done poorly, like a lion) - it might… » 2/10/11 12:15pm 2/10/11 12:15pm