This Webcomic Perfectly Captures the Awe and Poetry of Astronomy

Boulet has done it again. The cartoonist’s latest installment is a quasi-animated pixel comic that challenges the notion that science has somehow robbed the universe of poetry. Recalling his own experiences looking at the night sky through his telescope, Boulet takes us on a lovely and lyrical tour of the cosmos. »8/26/15 4:00pm8/26/15 4:00pm


A Stellar Webcomic About A Fantasy Princess Transported To Our World

The French cartoonist Boulet routinely releases brilliant, genre-busting stories, like the magical realist roommate story Darkness or the time paradox romance Paola-4. In his latest short comic story, a princess enters our world thanks to a wizard—and finds her relationship to her rescuer prince vastly changed. »9/10/14 12:00pm9/10/14 12:00pm

Brilliant short webcomic reveals the romantic side of time paradoxes

One day, Thomas is idly flipping through a photo album when he finds himself abruptly sent back to the time when he is 10 years old. At first, he's thrilled to return to a time filled with so many simple joys. But unbeknownst to him, his ten-year-old self has taken his place, and is completely baffled by a world full… »2/10/13 12:00pm2/10/13 12:00pm

After the zombie apocalypse, the geek will inherit the Earth

When flesh-hungry zombies rise from the dead, who will survive? People who live near a large concentration of zombie-obsessed geeks, who are ready with brain smashing techniques and randomly placed medical packs. And once these pop culture-savvy warriors are done dispatching with the undead, they'll remake society in… »7/08/12 1:00pm7/08/12 1:00pm

In webcomic Darkness, a lonely guy must neutralize his roommate's brooding, seductive superpowers

Have you ever met a guy who embodies darkness? A man whose shirt is always half unbuttoned, whose disheveled hair blows in the nonexistent wind, and who is accompanied by a melodramatic caption box? A fellow whose vampire-esque brooding has women flinging themselves at him from halfway across the block? Jonas is just… »2/04/12 11:30am2/04/12 11:30am