Everything We Know About The First Star Wars Spin-Off Film, Rogue One

The first live-action Star Wars movie that isn’t an “Episode” will be a military adventure focusing on shades of gray, instead of black-and-white morality of previous Star Wars films. With absolutely no Jedi. Here’s everything we gleaned from today’s Star Wars Celebration presentation. » 4/19/15 1:38pm 4/19/15 1:38pm

Scientists have recorded the first experimental evidence that elephants…

Elephants have always been recognized as intelligent, but the spark of insight — the ability to suddenly arrive at the solution to a problem by running problem-solving scenarios in your head (as opposed to repeated attempts at trial and error) — is something that has never been observed experimentally in the brainy… » 8/22/11 4:00pm 8/22/11 4:00pm