US Government's Zombie Solution Leads To Disaster, Comedy

Just when we thought that we'd had enough of zombies, along comes a new series to make us look at the problem of the undead in a brand new way. We know that they don't move quickly, have limited vocabulary and equally limited appetites, but The Zombies That Ate The World »11/26/08 9:30am11/26/08 9:30am doesn't care about any of that. No, it just…

Man-hating Amazons and Bastard Children Make This Week's Comics Fun For All The Family

This is hardly a banner week for comic stores, and no, that's not a pun to tie in with the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie. While there may be lots of new books coming out, it's fairly light on ones that'll grab your attention unless you're looking to read up on this summer's big movie heroes before hitting the… »6/10/08 12:00pm6/10/08 12:00pm