Scientists create a tweeting bra in defiance of man and god

The designers at OgilvyOne Athens have designed a bra that posts a tweet on Twitter every time it is unhooked. Happily, it's not a tweet to your mom, explaining you're possibly about to fornicate, but rather it sends a message to @TweetingBra, where it reminds its followers to perform monthly breast self-examinations. »10/25/13 5:10pm10/25/13 5:10pm

French scientist claims bras are useless (for some people)

Last week, an obscure French sports doctor named Jean-Denis Rouillon went on a student radio station and said that bras were useless, or maybe even harmful to muscles that support breasts naturally. After 16 years of studying the busts of some 300 women, Rouillon had concluded that women should consider going… »4/16/13 10:00am4/16/13 10:00am