World War Z has already earned $66 million in North America and $111.8 million worldwide this weeken

World War Z has already earned $66 million in North America and $111.8 million worldwide this weekend, making it the biggest debut of Brad Pitt's career. So it's no surprise that Paramount is already planning a sequel. It seems the zombie apocalypse will have to go on a bit longer. »6/23/13 4:30pm6/23/13 4:30pm

High-res World War Z photos only fuel our mixed emotions

We honestly do NOT have a handle on the movie adaptation of World War Z yet. We've seen some good reviews and insane footage, but we've also read a lot about what a mess this movie was. But only the final product matters, right? To help you prepare, here are 33 images that only throw more gasoline on our bonfire of… »6/10/13 6:19pm6/10/13 6:19pm

First World War Z reviews: It's not a total waste of time

The first reviews for World War Z have been coming out over the past few days, and they're generally ranging from neutral to sort-of positive. The consensus: Parts of the film are thrilling, parts are painfully slow, and the overall effect is a reasonably solid thriller that happens to have a ton of zombies in it. »6/07/13 6:23pm6/07/13 6:23pm

Brad Pitt travels the zombie-infested world in the latest World War Z trailer

The latest trailer for World War Z does go global, but not in the fascinating and heartbreaking manner of Max Brooks' original novel. Instead of seeing the political and social consequences of the zombie pandemic, we get Brad Pitt racing around the world, trying to learn the origin of the outbreak while dodging the… »3/23/13 11:00am3/23/13 11:00am

Watch Brad Pitt transform into David Lynch's Eraserhead

The New York Times transformed a crop of 2011 actors (who were heralded for playing nice characters) into classic movie villains, including Brad Pitt as Henry Spencer! Watch as America's Favorite Dad goes batshit insane as giant insects flap around in his frizzed hair. Technically, Pitt is channeling "The Madman"… »12/07/11 5:55pm12/07/11 5:55pm

Warner Bros. wants Brad Pitt to star in the time loop war flick All You Need Is Kill

Now that Doug Liman's $100 million Moon heist movie Luna has folded, Warner Bros. is moving in to secure both Liman and Brad Pitt for All You Need Is Kill. Adapted from the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, All You Need Is Kill follows a soldier fighting a war against aliens, who's caught in a time loop so that he dies… »9/26/11 7:28pm9/26/11 7:28pm